New Jersey Self-Help Group Clearinghouse Update

Distance NOT Disconnect!! In this time of social distancing, something crucial is missing from a lot of our lives: the chance to quietly exist around people at work or join in our usual support groups.

Embrace video chatting and talking on the phone. Now is the time for a phone call and video-chat renaissance! Texting is great too, but when we’re trying to make up for the sudden drop in human-to-human contact, hearing your friends’ voices and seeing their faces is important ­– be sure you talk about things other than coronavirus panic!

That brings us to ZOOM!! Zoom is a great software program that anyone can download to their computer or phone and connect with others FACE-TO-FACE (AND ITS FREE) which is a perfect to have a meeting with your group live as well as staying safe and “socially distant”.

Interested?? Here’s the link:

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